Solar Power System

solar panelsFinding the right solar power system for your home or office can be a bit overwhelming at first. So lets start with the basics.There are two main types of systems.

The first kind is off grid solar power systems. These are the are not connected to your power meter. They usually just charge batteries that store power so you can later make sure of that power.

The second kind of system is grid tied systems. These are the kind that allow you to sell power back to the power company when you are producing more than you need.

This is usually a very popular option. This allows you to roll your power meter backwards during the day to build up credit that you can then use during the evening when you aren’t generating power.

The first thing everyone wonders when buying a system is how much power do I need. The answer here is, it varies from home to home regardless of size.

It depends on habits, device and appliances you have, light bulbs you use, and so much more. The best way to get a real idea of how much power is needed is by looking at your power bill.

Its best if you are able to analyze your usage over the course of a year to get a better idea of your power usage.

We have a very short list of trusted partners we have built over the years. We encourage you to visit their site to get more information and even free quotes if you are interested in installing a system on your house.

Its a great investment that can increase the value of your home and neighborhood. Even if your house does not have a southern facing roof, there are still plenty of options for installation.

For any questions feel free to contact us at any time. We usually have that answer to just about any questions. You can also contact some of the companies we trust mentioned above. They can provide you all the specific answers you are looking for.